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We make investments in technology to reduce usage of resources and provide our customers with tools to show how this is done. We only have one planet and the key to saving it is to be transparent with every step. We make sustainability a reality by cooperation with you.
CRS Zero Waste
We use CRS-Zero Waste stone as an alternative to the pumice stones we use in the washing process within the scope of our zero waste projects we have developed with the motto of "CRS-ZERO WASTE" in order to minimize the damage we cause to the environment.
Red Cast Workshop
The "sustainable production" perspective of Şık Makas comes to life with "sustainable design". Our journey begins with the aim of delivering our products, which we have handled with an environmental and human-oriented approach at the design stage, to our end users as finished products.
If needed, the originals of the documents can be accessed by sending an e-mail to [email protected].
Higg Index
Developed by Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index is an approach that allows brands, suppliers, facilities, a company or product to accurately measure and score the sustainability performance of each stage of their sustainability journey. The Higg Index provides a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well-being of employees, local communities and the environment.
Carbon & Water Footprints
Water footprint measurements have been carried out since 2019 in order to manage and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our three textile production facilities and water use. Water footprint calculation and reporting are prepared in accordance with ISO 14046 standard.
Our Sustainability Reports
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